Malley Industries manufactures ambulances, wheelchair accessible vehicles,
specialized commercial fleets and plastic products for a wide range of industrial clients.


Introducing the Malley Ford Transit Ambulance:

Our lightweight formed interior takes advantage of the contours of the Transit chassis, which
provides noticeably more interior space and a higher payload capacity than any other
ambulance conversion.

The lightweight Malley conversion will reduce operating costs by improving fuel economy and decreasing wear on replaceable chassis components.

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Malley Van Liner & Partition

We design and produce thermoformed plastic components for a wide range of industries.

We produce trays, housings, coverings, wall panels, automotive parts, shelving and storage systems, food service moulds, catch trays and even decorative wall hangings for an extensive range of customers.

For parts requiring greater precision, our engineering department can produce 3D models for later CNC machining.

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Adaptive Mobility

Malley Lowered Floor Transit Connect

If the wheelchair occupant will not be driving, an affordable alternative to a full size van is the lowered floor Transit Connect with rear access ramp. This conversion accommodates the wheelchair occupant, a driver and up to four other passengers to be carried safely and comfortably.

The Stow-Away Ramp folds away to cover the lowered floor area providing a flat floor surface for groceries and luggage. The Lowered Floor Transit connect is ideal for families, care homes, schools, hotel shuttles, taxis, and more!

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